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Sataplia Cave, Kutaisi

  • Sataplia Cave, Kutaisi

Kutaisi town is most known to tourists for Sataplia Cave and Prometheus cave. These two caves have become one of the main tourist sites in Georgia.


Sataplia Cave is about 18 km away from Kutaisi, and you will indeed need a taxi if you aren’t visiting the territory by car. The cave is situated at Sataplia Nature Reserve and is mostly famous for the Dinosaurs’ traces found in the cave. This cave and the footsteps of Dinosaurs were discovered by Kutaisi environmentalist P. Chabukiani. He proved the settlement of the primitive man there as well.

Sataplia Cave is named after Sataplia Mountain that gained its name from the local tradition. That is collecting honey from the bees inhabiting the southern slopes of the mountain. Accordingly, Sataplia means “place of honey.”

Around Sataplia Cave a Conservation Center and Museum have been built. You will also see glass walkways, cafeteria, viewing points and other attractions for all kinds of visitors.

The cave is nine hundred meters long, ten meters high and twelve meters wide. It is equipped with stalactites and stalagmites that give a special effect to the beauty of the cave. The entrance and exit of the cave are made of glass that ensures the static temperature inside the cave.

Distance from Tbilisi
224 km