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Nekresi Monastery, Kakheti

  • Nekresi Monastery, Kakheti

Nekresi was a town in Kakheti, but today it is a monastery complex situated high up in the hill. It is close to Kvareli town and offers breathtaking views to its visitors. It should be mentioned that the church has been renovated recently. The stone masonry has been repaired, the roof rebuilt, windows have been put in their place and so on.

The visitors of Nekresi had better buy a round-trip ticket for a bus in order to reach up the hill. The price for each ride is 1 GEL.

The town of Nekresi was founded by the King Pharnajom during 2-1st centuries BC. In the 4th century, AD, king Thrdat built a church there. The church became a refuge for Abibus, one of the Assyrian fathers in the end of the 6th century. During this time period the Nekresi Episcopality was established and existed until the 19th century.

What may catch your attention immediately is the box filled with bones. No one has a vivid idea to whom they may belong, but they stay there, in the open air. Perhaps they are the results of some archaeological discoveries and no one dares to get rid of them.

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