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Gardenia, Tbilisi

  • Gardenia, Tbilisi

Gardenia Shevardnadze is an attractive place standing close to Tbilisi Sea. You can enjoy your lazy evenings here by drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

This place is a mixture of a cozy cafeteria, flower shop and a splendid garden and all these compiled together in the open air. Many people come here not only for buying plants, but also enjoying the wide variety of flowers and plants and take a cup of coffee. Anyone can end the day here not buying a single flower, but tasting some delicious cake at the lovely cafeteria. It provides the harmonious beauty of the place with its crafted small details.

The founder of this wonderful place is Zura Shevardnadze. The Gardenia became the embodiment of the fantasy and unbelievable ideas of its author. Household items are used as decorations here. You can see old shoes used as the bed for flowers, old pants and shirts are hanging from balconies and the smell of flowers is felt from nearby.

Gardenia Shevardnadze is very popular among local people. They come here after hard-working day to take a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the flowers, buy seeds or do wedding photo shooting.

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