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Chavchavadze Museum, Tsinandali

  • Chavchavadze Museum, Tsinandali

The House Museum of Chavchavadze is located in Tsinandali and is an ancestral estate. It belongs to the princely family of Chavchavadze. The history of Georgia has many tragic, beautiful and happy events connected to this manor.

The primary owner of the house has been Garsevan Chavchavadze, the father of Alexander Chavchavadze. Everything in this manor is the reflection of his ideas and inspirations. Chavchavadze applied European architectural techniques in the construction and inner design. Moreover, he laid out an English garden around his manor.

It should be mentioned that Garsevan Chavchavadze brought not only trees but also gardeners from the Great Britain. However, that was not all. He invited the most famous winemakers from Europe and built the first wine factory with them. The factory produced wine in relevance with European technologies. It gave birth to the famous “Thinandali” wine.

Chavchavadze was the most intelligent figure of his time. He was a translator, writer, polyglot, great poet and a big landowner. Nowadays his poems have become folk songs. The intellectual life of Georgia boiled here in the 19th century. There attended such famous people as Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Griboyedov (who met Nina Chavchavadze, his future wife here), Alexander Dumas Sr. and so on.

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