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Borjomi Cable Car

  • Borjomi Cable Car

Borjomi has been in the center of attention for decades due to its wonderful springs and mineral water. It is also known as a resort town thanks to its fresh air. Nevertheless, Borjomi has something to be pride of as well. Borjomi Cable Car grabs the attention of numerous tourists who come here to give a ride in these cars and enjoy the lovely scene down.

It leaves from Mineral Water Park and heads up to the hill opening scenery views of the Water Park. Sometimes it is enough to take a ride in the cable car and enjoy the lovely and beautiful views of this resort town. The amazing views of the nearby mountains, valleys and the park leave a print in people’s memory making them come back there again. At the top of the hill you will meet a Ferris Wheel.

The cable car has been renovated in 2005 but still carries the remains of the Soviet era days.

Furthermore, in this place you will have a chance to drink free Borjomi coming out from an underground spring.

Distance from Tbilisi
151 km