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Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi

  • Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi

Perhaps Bagrati Cathedral is one of the most iconic places to visit in Georgia. If you have planned to visit these parts of Georgia, then add Bagrati Cathedral as a must-see to your travel list. It is easy to get there if you travel from Kutaisi International Airport.

You can walk up the cobbled streets from the Chain Bridge (Jachvis Khidi) to the Bagrati Cathedral on Ukimerioni Hill.  It was built in 1003 by the King Bagrat III and has a tall drum and a pointed dome standing on four free-standing pillars.

In 1692 the dome, drum and ceiling were destroyed by a Turkish explosion and the cathedral appeared in ruins. Nevertheless, the cathedral was completely renovated during 2009-2012. Now it is a mix of old and news stones and a few steel sections.

The Bagrati Cathedral appeared in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994. It was followed by an intermittent restoration during the 20th century. Recently it has appeared in Danger list of the UNESCO’s World Heritage because of the recent renovation. The reason is that the renovation threats to the authenticity and integrity of the place.

The palace-citadel dates back to the 6th century and was wrecked during Georgian-Russo-Turkish wars.

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